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17th February 2013 - "St. Michaels Home Axbridge 1878 to 1968" - At our February meeting, Brenda Anderson gave an excellent presentation on her research into the history of the St. Michaels Home at Axbridge, a summary of which has been filed under the 'Institutions' tab.

19th January 2013 - "A Walk around Historic Cheddar Village" - Over the last few months, members of the group have been working hard to produce a heritage walk around the village of Cheddar, primarily for the benefit of visitors. We have produced a circular walk around the central part of the village, noting some thirty-seven sites of historical interest.
We have now brought this project to the stage of a draft pamphlet, and on the 8th January 2013 this was trialled by some 57 members of the U3A, who provided some very useful feedback. The project has been very enthusiastically received.
The next stage is to assimilate and incorporate the feedback and agree the final layout and format. After this, printing quotes will be obtained, sources of funding sought, and means of distribution established. We hope to have the pamphlet widely available locally in time for the forthcoming tourist season.
16th September 2012 - "Burials in the Cheddar graveyards" - Brenda has now completed the huge task of transcribing the burials in St.Andrews churchyard for the period 1858 to 1920/21, which can be found under the  'Institutions' tab.

16th September 2012 - "Plants to be found inCheddar Gorge and surrounding area" - Brenda Anderson's third update and the last for the current year, which can be found under the 'Fielda & Farms' tab.

17th July 2012 - "Victorian Visitors to the Cliff Hotel & Pleasure Gardens in Cheddar Gorge" - A new article by Brenda Anderson giving an insight into tourism in the gorge in the Victorian era. It is located under the 'Life & Customs' tab.

26th June 2012 - "Plants to be found in Cheddar Gorge and surrounding area" - This is Brenda Anderson's second update on her quest to find plants which were known to be found growing in the Cheddar area almost 150 years ago. It is located under the 'Feilds & Farms' tab.

19th June 2012 - The Inns and Alehouses of Cheddar 1860 - 1880. David Mather has posted this new article under the 'Life & Customs' tab. Find out where you could get a drink in Victorian Cheddar!

19th June 2012 - New landing page photo. Posted with the kind permission of Jackie Skidmore, this fascinating photograph depicts a scene looking down Bath Street towards the market cross. The old brewery can just be seen behind and to the left of the cross. Quite what the village was celebrating or remembering we haven't worked out yet, any ideas? It is a very early photograph, perhaps 1860s and taken by Mr. Bryne, the village chemist/photographer at that time.

"Plants to be found in Cheddar Gorge and surrounding area" - Brenda Anderson has had some success in finding plants that were to be found growing in the Cheddar area almost 150 years ago, and has published her first update. Locate it under the 'Feilds & Farms' tab.

"Burials in the Cheddar graveyards" - In our fourth post, under the 'Institutions' tab, Brenda Anderson has undertaken to conduct an inventory of three Cheddar burial grounds. This has now been completed for the Methodist and Baptist churches and Brenda is currently working on St Andrew's, the Church of England church, which is by far the largest.

"The Post Office, Cheddar and William Hill   -  1860-1880s" - Our third article, by Sue Shaw, has been published under the 'Houses & Buildings' tab. It underlines how the post office has been a constant throughout the period of our study, and indeed much longer, utilising the same premises and run by the same family.

"Plants to be found in Cheddar Gorge and surrounding area" - Our second article, by Brenda Anderson, has now been published under the 'Fields & Farms' tab. It describes a number of plants which were to be found growing wild in the area almost 150 years ago. Over the coming months Brenda hopes to discover how many of these can still be found.

"The Little Cottages in Cheddar Gorge" - Our first article, by David Mather, has been posted under the 'Houses & Buildings' tab, is about a collection of tiny cottages which appeared in the Gough's cave area of the gorge, probably in the early part of 19th century. They were occupied until just after the turn of the century, at which time most of them were pulled down to make space for visitor facilities.

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  1. Enjoyed the map and narrative on-line on "My Cheddar", though at that time the map wasn t loading properly on "My Cheddar".

    Saw a copy of the map available to visitors at Cheddar YHA.

    Thank you, I, like many people, are very interested in local and social history.